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Contract Law

Contract law can be confusing. When it comes to contract law, you want a lawyer that knows this area of law well and has the experience to represent you. Jennifer Bergert, Attorney at Law has been defending contractual rights for over 15 years.

What is a contract?

A contract is a binding legal agreement voluntarily entered by two or more parties. When you buy a home, sign a rental agreement to lease an apartment, or order a service from a business, you are entering a contract. You have contractual relationships with cellphone providers, utility companies, and employers. While most exchanges are performed without incident, not all of them are.

If one party to the contract wishes to complain that the other party has failed to perform or broken part of the contract, he can state that the other party has committed a breach of contract. If breach of contract occurs, the wronged party can bring suit against the offending party. This is where knowing Ohio’s contract laws and having experience defending contract litigation is most useful.

What is contract law?

The basic elements taken into consideration when it comes to contract law are:

  • Mutual ascent
  • Consideration
  • Capacity
  • Legality

Some contracts are governed by common law and other types are governed by statute. Some contracts are written. Other contracts are oral. Attorney Jennifer Bergert can help you understand your rights and obligations before or after you sign a contract. She can even help if you believe that someone is under breach of contract.

What happens if someone is under breach of contract?

Possible remedies for breach of contract include:

  • General damages
  • Consequential damages
  • Reliance damages
  • Specific performance

If you have questions about your rights under a contract and you live in the North Canton or surrounding Stark County Ohio areas, contact Attorney Jennifer Bergert.

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