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Foreclosure Law

Protecting Your Foreclosure Rights. When your home is in foreclosure, you need to know your rights. Jennifer Bergert has 15 years of experience as an attorney defending Ohio’s residents against home foreclosure.

What is foreclosure?

When a borrower defaults on a loan, the mortgage lender must take back possession and sell the home. The money from the sale is used to pay off the balance of the loan. If the proceeds are not enough to pay off the loan, the borrower may be held personally liable for the difference.

Can I stop the foreclosure process?

Yes. Several options are available for you to retain possession of the property if it is in the foreclosure process.

  • Pay the full balance of the loan
  • Pay the missed payments and any penalties
  • Forbearance - The Lender agrees to suspend payments for a period of time.
  • Loan Modifications - The lender agrees to change the terms of the loan to make it more affordable for the borrower.

What if my house is upside down?

If your home is upside down, meaning the outstanding loan balance is greater than the market value of the property, a deed of lieu of foreclosure may be your best option. In this case, the borrower signs over all interest in the home to the lender, in exchange for the lender ceasing the foreclosure process.

No matter which direction that you chose to go, you are going to want an Attorney that knows the Ohio foreclosure laws, and has experience in all of these areas.

If you are looking for a lawyer that is experienced in the foreclosure law, and you live in the Canton or surrounding Stark County Ohio areas, contact Jennifer Bergert, Attorney at Law.

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